Equipment & Machineries

Product NameEquipment and MachineryApplication
Style300Color3.667 - Separator / Vibrating Screen (Round and Rectangular shape)
- Centrifugal Sifter
- DC Classifier
- Decanter Centrifugas
- Hydrocyclones
- Sta-S ieves
- Turbo-Screen Classifier
- White Water Filter
Separation Process (Sizing, Scalping, Gravity Filtering/ Product Recovery, Wastewater Cleanup & Water Pollution Control) & served industries:

- Energy (Power Plants), Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Ceramic, Plastics, Petroleum, Chemical Processing, Powder Coating, Mining / Mineral / Metals, Sand / Clay / Glass, Textiles / Laundry, Cosmetics, Metal Finishing.
Nash - Liquid Ring Vacum Pump
- Compressors
- High Effiency Pre-Separator (the capacities range from 150 to 22,000 CFM)
Vacum System & Water removal for paper machines is well know:

- Paper Machines Forming Section (Dewatering) used on Flat Boxes and Couch Rolls.
- Paper Machine Press Section Vacuum (Suction Pickup and Transfer Rolls) used on Suction Press and Uhle Boxes.
- Vacuum Filtration (Pulp & Paper Stock) used on Brown Stock Washer, Lime & Mud Precoat Filters, Dregs Filters and Deckers.
- Headbox Compressors / Vacuum Pump used in "Air Padded" Headboxes.
CoorsTek - Foils
- Vacum Foils
- Deflector Blades
- Forming Boards
- Suction Box Covers
- Felt Strips (for Press Section including herring bone covers)

(Coors Tek capability is 14,0 m lenght for both Maxalimina & Silicon Nitride matrials)
Forming and Dewatering System in paper making process.
 shikishima Polyester Monofilament Canvas Fabric  

- Dryer Canvas for Paper Machine

- Woven Canvas for Belt Press